Home Deposit Loans

alphaLEND has access to a very unique loan product that allows you to borrow the deposit and finishing costs related to purchasing a property.  This product is perfectly suited to borrowers that have no or little deposit that are looking to get in to the property market.

How does it work?

Providing you meet the acceptance criteria, alphaLEND will structure a package as follows;

Home Deposit Loan – 10% (an unsecured facility, funded at time of house purchase)
Traditional Home Loans – 95% (a standard home loan from alphaLEND’s panel)
TOTAL – 105% (sufficiently covering purchase price and costs)Home Deposit Loans


Home Purchase Price - $350,000
Stamp Duty and Costs - $17,500

Home Loan - $332,500
Home Deposit Loan - $35,000

Therefore, no contribution is required from you.

alphaLEND can assist borrowers that

  • Are stably employed and purchasing a property
  • Are stably self employed and purchasing a property
  • Are NOT credit Impaired (clear credit history)
  • Are stable in their residence
  • Earn sufficient income to service the debt/s

If you meet the above criteria there is a strong possibility you are eligible for a home deposit loan.