Short Term Finance & 2nd Mortgages

When you require, fast approval – no questions asked – instant settlement finance for any worthwhile purpose, alphaLEND can assist with its panel of Short Term, Private Lenders.

Generally, we can facilitate and application from start to settlement within approx 72 hours (providing all information is in order).  These can range from $10,000 through to $2m +

alphaLEND can assist with Short Term and 2nd Mortgages for purposes such asShort Term Business Loan

  • Refinancing existing debt for any reason
  • Releasing equity for any purpose
  • To assist settlement of other loans
  • As a means of bridging

alphaLEND can arrange Short Term and 2nd Mortgages for borrowers that

  • Have sufficient equity in property

alphaLEND can assist with loan types such as

  • 1st & 2nd Mortgages
  • Caveat Loans
  • Bridging & Settlemetn Loans
  • Private (equity loans)
  • No Doc Funding.....